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Fanni Friedrich

👩‍💻 Learning to code, because hot girls have quarter-life crisis

I'm Fanni, a wannabe (game) developer, content creator, former social media strategist and unofficial nerd historian.

🎮 Are you an unofficial nerd historian too?

Who's this girl again?

Fanni Friedrich

Fanni Friedrich

Wannabe (game) developer, Content Creator

👩‍💻 Hi there, nerd historian!

My name is Fanni, or @dragonsandcodes online. I'm a wannabe (game) developer and former social media strategist.

What's the point of this site?

Austin Kleon said that everybody should carve out their personal part of the internet and I'm in total agreement with this statement. We live in the age where anybody can share their experience or perspective which makes the world a much richer place then ever before.

So this my way of doing the it.

What kind of stuff do you find here?

Let's discuss life as a career changing, wannabe (game) developer and former social media strategist. I'm sharing the ulfiltered thruth about learning to code and rebuilding life in your late twenties.

Also don't forget about books and video games. I have many things to say them too.

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